Thursday, February 12, 2015

Puerto Vallarta

What an incredible gift to be able to spend time away! And to return to all of those who missed us dearly was sweet as well. I am so thankful.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wintertime 2015

James, at age 5, has taken naps in the afternoon since forever. He is finally starting to grow out of falling into a deep sleep in the middle of his play on my floor. We built this fun little tower together one afternoon. Rafoo the Giraffe keeps him company.

Eden is quite the cherub at bathtime.

 Except for when she's not.

To her great delight, Mercy's ninth birthday came in January. We had fun decorating with butterflies and pink together and preparing for her little family party.

 Reuben's need for his "bweathing medicine" returned as it seems to each winter. I am thankful that he only really needs it when he has a bad cold.  Also in this shot you can see evidence of Reuben's ability to lick his own face constantly- chapped skin is definitely a winter time thing in our house.

Where we live, we often wish for snowy winters and celebrate the rare single snow day, if and when it comes. Rather than consistent snow, we enjoy moderately cool temperatures and lots of rain. Other winter pleasures for me include cooking in my kitchen without becoming unbearably hot, being able to wear pants and layers (I love layers and shorts look dumb.) and sleeping comfortably at night without the buzzing sound of fans. So, I love winter and fall and any spring day that does not resemble summer in any way.

That said, when my parents' surprised Bob and I with a mid January trip to Mexico, without our offspring, to a place that is indeed warm and sunny on purpose, we went and had a lovely time. Turns out that warm weather can be quite pleasant if you spend your time reading, smiling and pretending you speak spanish really well and if you don't have to cook in it. Who knew?

Coming soon: pictures from our trip. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Eden had a birthday

Our tiny girl turned one this December.

Eden has started walking all over, leaving behind her gimpy, one-leg-dragging crawl.

The combination of the firsts and lasts of this age is bittersweet to me and I was happy to see that she was still a baby, the morning after she turned one.

Eden says "Daden" when she wants Daddy or Daniel. She has just recently begin signing "milk" when she wants to nurse or when I ask her if it's time for milk (when she wakes in the morning, before her nap and at bedtime). She says "dah!" when I get her up because we go to the window in her room and say hello to the day and to the trees and the cars outside her window. I think she says "Aaaadah" and signs "all done".

This girl dislikes laying down to be changed or dressed more than any child I have tidied up on our changing table. Sleeping is not a huge problem so long as Kitty is present but Eden would prefer to take only one nap during the day and she would prefer it to begin at 10:30 or 11am. We are working on changing that to a post lunch noon start time.

At meal time, she enjoys almost any kind of soft finger food she can pick up: bananas, black beans and chili, rice, french toast, the non liquid parts of any soup we're having, steamed apple pieces, peas, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, cut up bits of dried apricot... We have also been availing ourselves of the more recent convenience foods for babies. I love being able give her a little pouch of something mushy that I didn't have to prepare but I don't love that many of the food pouches on the market are primarily apple and banana rather than the superfoods they claim to contain. Eden has begun to drink water from her cup. To date, she has never had a bottle which has made evenings away a bit tricky but now she is eating so many big girl foods now that it's not a necessary hill to climb any longer.

We celebrated her first year with the usual ingredients: cake and family and presents. Eden loved it all.

Happy Birthday, Eden!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Has Fallen

Fall happenings from around our house:

Eden is busy feeding herself in her high chair and learning to walk. I think we've seen her take 4 or 5 little tiny steps at a time. She still plops down and crawls her funny one legged crawl for most of her on the floor transportation. 

 Another kitchen project is complete. PANTRY! Well, and I guess it's not actually complete. We still need to put the doors back on. But, hooray for a more functional pantry!

And, some pre-Halloween fun the small boys and I had last week. Functional Pantry can be seen in the distance. For our project, I ripped; they glued. 

Today is very gusty and rainy outside. Then we will be surprised by a burst of sunlight between storms. Most of the leaves on our backyard maple will fall as a result. I like fall.