Monday, November 10, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Has Fallen

Fall happenings from around our house:

Eden is busy feeding herself in her high chair and learning to walk. I think we've seen her take 4 or 5 little tiny steps at a time. She still plops down and crawls her funny one legged crawl for most of her on the floor transportation. 

 Another kitchen project is complete. PANTRY! Well, and I guess it's not actually complete. We still need to put the doors back on. But, hooray for a more functional pantry!

And, some pre-Halloween fun the small boys and I had last week. Functional Pantry can be seen in the distance. For our project, I ripped; they glued. 

Today is very gusty and rainy outside. Then we will be surprised by a burst of sunlight between storms. Most of the leaves on our backyard maple will fall as a result. I like fall. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

 Candy waiting

Daniel's bat pumpkin

Mercy's toothy pumpkin

James glaring pumpkin

Josiah's ghostie pumpkin

Bob and Rebecca's trunknosed pumpkin

Michael's hungry pumpkin

Reuben's kitty pumpkin

Eden Bee (yes, the little pompoms that used to be on this costume have long since fallen off)

James Fireman

Mercy as Laura
Josiah as Ninja

Daniel the Centurion

Reuben as Super Why

 Michael the Hairy Hobo


Post trick or treat candy trading
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Keep 10 of your favorites
Step 4
Put all the rest into a communal drawer of candy that will remain in the house for a week or so

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

9 months old

Looking a little sleepy here...

Eden has fuzzy, blondy, with a hint of auburn, hair. Elfy ears.

One tooth on the bottom.

I couldn't wait for Fall for many reasons but one of them was this dress. Red corduroy with little dots, perfect for her first day of "school" at co-op.

Eden crawls, eats everything off the floor,
makes a bah bah bah sound imitating Daniel with her hand to her mouth,
waves her arms and shouts happily at anyone who shouts and waves their arms happily at her.

Eden loves her Kitty,

to feed herself bits of sweet potato or cooked apple pieces,

to be with her mommy,

or daddy,

but Mercy or Daniel or Michael will do in a pinch as long as Kitty is near.

Eden sleeps nicely in her crib for her morning nap, afternoon nap and at night for which we are all thankful. She is learning that screeching like a young pterydactyl doesn't get desired results. She is learning to sign "More" but seems to prefer saying "ma ma ma". She says "da da da" at Daniel and Daddy, both. She says, "Ah dah ah dah" when I sign "All Done" at the end of a meal. She is pulling up and climbing and getting so big. A few of the kids say they have seen her stand all by herself for a few seconds.

Still under a year old, when we remember back to last year at this time, I was still pregnant with this baby whom we didn't yet know. What a joy to know you, Eden, and to have you here with us!